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What are over one billion people waiting for?

Pepper Spray Mini Baton


A personal hand-held safety device that will protect them from attack in a split second.

Would you spend $24.95 for such a device?


Self Defense Pepper Spray.

Allow me to introduce you to the Viper Protector. The baton armed with Mace pepper spray, designed to provide you with the safety, security and peace of mind you want ... as you go about your daily life.

For a limited time, get your pepper spray baton for $34.95 ($10 off the regular price!)

In the science of security, the first line of defense is always prevention, or too ward off. In most cases by just displaying the Viper will ward off potential threats to your personal protection.

The first line of defense with the Viper is just having it visible

The Viper Protector
has several key features that make it attractive to users:


Easily accessible when you need it.

How it works:

Limited Time Offer: $34.95
Specifications of the Pepper Spray used in the Protector:
  • The type of pepper spray used is Black Max
  • Black Max is a legal product
  • Black Max is registered under the P.C.P. Act No. 23548
  • Black Max is designed to stop attacks
  • Black Max product is the latest in Defense Technology

Increasing your security is as easy as carrying your viper with you each time you leave your home. Many of our customers have a viper in their house and one in their car for easy access.

The Viper is visible to everyone, weather it be on the convenient belt holder, attached to your stroller a bike or in your hand. In case you have to use the viper two levels of protections are available: the baton and the pepper spray.

Lightweight and portable, yet large enough that it won't get lost
at the bottom of your backpack or purse.


Who is the Viper Protector for?

The Viper Protector is specially designed to keep you safe. Due to changing times, it seems now more than ever that we need to find ways to keep us safe from attackers, rapists, terrorists, muggers and other criminals. With the advent of the Viper protector, you can have your own line of defense at your fingertips. Not only does this give you actual protection that you can use if needed, it is plainly visible to the potential "bad guy" and will give them a reason NOT to attack you. You will not look like a potential victim to them.

The Viper Protector is perfectly suited for people in high risk occupations, such as:

It is also for every day people, for common uses such as:


Do you feel safe all the time? 
With the Viper Protector, you will not only feel safer,
you will actually be safer.

The Viper Protector can help keep you safe from:

Safety is paramount. Protect yourself and your loved ones today.

As you can see, there are many reasons to carry the Viper Protector. The examples above are just some common situations when you may want to bring it with you.

Hi, and thank you for visiting the Viper website. I created the Protector in 2004 because I wanted to create a way for my family to stay safe in their everyday life. I plan to take Viper world-wide over the next few years so that it can help families everywhere, not just mine. I hope you decide to buy a Viper Protector today, and give your family peace of mind.

Dennis Siteman
Viper Corp. Creator and Inventor

P.S. Order your viper today and I'll include the pepper spray booklet for free.

This e-booklet, "How to Use Pepper Spray Safely and Effectively", includes pepper spray antidotes in case you get the pepper spray in your own eyes, and other helpful tips about how to use your viper baton. See below for a photo and table of contents.

(Click to view full size image)

Look inside the book:
"How to Use Pepper Spray Safely and Effectively".

Table of Contents:
1. What is pepper spray?
2. The history behind pepper spray.
3. How does pepper spray work?
4. What is the difference between pepper spray and tear gas?
5. What is Mace?
6. What are the limitations?
7. How do I measure the effectiveness when I'm purchasing it?
8. Will pepper spray expire? When should I replace my pepper spray?
9. How should I store & carry pepper spray?
10. When should I use pepper spray? How do I use pepper spray?
11. Is pepper spray legal where I live?
12. Is there anyplace where I can't carry my pepper spray?
13. The physical effects of pepper spray.
14. What do I do if I get pepper spray on myself?
15. Pepper spray antidotes.
16. Bears and pepper spray.
17. General Safety information.
18. New products coming to the Market.

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One more thing, here's Mr. Siteman's Bonus gift to you...

With your purchase, you get an informative 18-page Pepper Spray e-booklet free of charge, called How to Use Pepper Spray Safely and Effectively. Click on the cover photo (right) to view an enlargement or take a sneak peek inside the book. If you wish to purchase the e-booklet separately, the price is $9.95.


The Viper Protector. Pepper Spray Baton

P.S. The Viper Protector is guaranteed for life. If your Viper ever needs to be replaced due to damage or defects, or if it doesn't arrive in excellent condition, it's on us. There's no risk to buy, so make your order today.